Born in Zimbabwe where he played djembe drums and joined a marimba band, S1MBA moved to the U.K. at the age of nine and has an incredible story to tell. S1MBA’s music embraces his heritage and musical upbringing , you can tell that he’s of African descent, but also that he grew up immersed in the U.K.’s music culture, citing trap, hip-hop and grime as influences. He felt particularly empowered by the Afro-Swing movement – a feel-good fusion unifying the sounds he grew up on with contemporary U.K. rap – which he credits for kick-starting his career . S1MBA is known for his versatility, not letting a genre limit him, with releases across the board both in the afrobeat scene as well as the UK pop/rap scene. He has been collaborating with various artists & producers such as Clean Bandit,Becky Hill, Shane Codd,Grades, Jake Gosling, and has gone on to drop various records last year with one of them being his biggest track to date, “Rover. 2022 he has continued expanding his sound,linking up with A7S to drop the record “On & On”

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